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Focus on ODM/OEM Metal stamping/welding/machining/die casting design,manufacturing, sales and service.

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Who We Are?

Qingdao Yonglihao Machinery Co., Ltd. Was founded in 2010. The factory focus on ODM/OEM Metal stamping/welding/machining/die casting design, manufacturing, sales and service with more than 10 years experience.Our factory have 10sets of automatic welding machine, 100-500ton stamping machine,180-500ton die casting machine, 20set of machining center and some CNC machine etc. can meet all kinds of metal production.


We are one of the leading metal parts manufacturers providing metal stamping services to our customers.


Super large inventory to meet the needs of customers with small orders and many varieties, reduce customer inventory costs, first-class production management system to enable us to effectively shorten the delivery cycle


Specializing in the production and development of stainless steel precision casting products and stamping products, advanced full silica-soluble precision casting process, high precision products, good surface quality


Strictly implement ISO9001:2008 quality management system, complete testing equipment. We can inspect the material anytime and anywhere


We can provide you with professional precision casting and stamping non-standard parts customization solutions, rich online information support.


From custom metal parts to high volume production, we can help you with it all. We can handle any questions about the parts.
Metal Stamping Vs Die Casting

Metal Stamping Vs Die Casting

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